Christmas 2015 Crib Offerings – Thank you

Thank you to parishioners in the dioceses of Arundel and Brighton, Birmingham, Hexham and Newcastle, Leeds, Middlesbrough, Portsmouth, Southwark, Wrexham and those in parishes of other dioceses who have donated your crib offerings to Friends of the Holy Land. The poor and the weak become more desperate during times of crisis. Friends of the Holy Land helps the poorest Christians in the Holy Land, especially in and around Bethlehem, the West Bank, Gaza and Israel. We are supporting Christian families and communities in the Holy Land, to encourage them to stay and to sustain a Christian presence there.

This year life in the Holy Land is more difficult and uncertain than ever, and our Bethlehem office is getting a new application for help every day from a desperate family. These either come direct or through parish priests. With so many urgent needs to meet we need your help; please give as much as you can, to help our brothers and sisters through these difficult times, and to ensure a Christian presence in the Holy Land in the years to come. FHL guarantee that 100% of your donations go direct to help named Christian families, with each case being verified by our FHL Committee and small team on the ground. Nothing is retained by FHL for administration as our modest costs are covered by a generous charitable trust. Your donation this Christmas will support our initiatives, whether education, employment, health or housing and to extend FHL Family Support of £3 per day to even more needy families. Above all let us remember them in our prayers, especially in this season of goodwill.

If your parish was not donating crib offerings to FHL, you can donate here.