FHL Christmas Cards & Gifts, 2016

Thank you to all the parishes and dioceses who are sending in your crib offerings to support the most needy Christian families in and around Bethlehem. Some parishes have made extraordinary efforts to maximise their donations and every pound will make a significant difference to the day to day needs of our brothers and sisters in the Holy Land. We are especially appreciative of the support of Bishops in the Dioceses of Arundel and Brighton, Hexham and Newcastle, Lancaster,  Leeds, Middlesbrough, Salford, Southwark who recommended FHL to their parish priests as an appropriate recipient of crib offerings. We also continue to be the beneficiary from crib offerings in many other parishes across the country especially in the dioceses of Birmingham, Brentwood, Portsmouth and Wrexham. Christians over here helping Christians in the land of Our Lord’s birth at Christmas seems such a natural thing to do! God Bless all who donated so generously as we enter the season of Lent.