‘Friends’ first-ever Pilgrimage to the Holy Land fully booked in three weeks

The Friends of the Holy Land first Pilgrimage is fully booked just three weeks after its announcement.  The Pilgrimage, from 20th to 28th September 2013, has fifty-two places, and will be led by Spiritual Director Fr John Deehan, recently appointed FHL Diocesan Co-ordinator for Westminster Archdiocese.

Peter Rand, Vice-Chairman of FHL, is particularly pleased to see the pilgrimage fully booked so quickly.  'In these times of economic and political uncertainty around the world, this enthusiasm to join our first FHL Pilgrimage is very encouraging.  I'm sure that this is largely because of the extra dimension the FHL Pilgrimage offers.  It won't just be a visit to the Holy Places, important though that is – it will also incorporate time spent with local Christian people and communities, and seeing some of FHL's projects to sustain and support them.'

'FHL's work is about strengthening Christian communities at all levels, to help and encourage them to stay together and gain strength despite the enormous pressures on them and the many difficulties they face.  For pilgrims to see this at first hand will not only add greatly to the pilgrimage experience, it will also show our fellow Christians in the place of Christ's birth and ministry that they are not forgotten, and that we value their presence in the Holy Land.'

The Friends of the Holy Land, founded in 2009, has support groups across the country, increasing awareness of the difficult circumstances of Christians in the region, encouraging prayer, raising funds and promoting increased visits to the Holy Land. END

Further  information from John Bradshaw, 07733 543309, or Peter Rand, 01926 852163

Note to Editors

The Friends of the Holy Land (FHL) was established in England & Wales in 2009. It is a registered charity and assists the Christian community in the Holy Land. 

FHL’s objectives are to raise awareness of the difficulties local Christians experience, to encourage prayers for their intentions, to generate and channel financial resources to provide them with a sustainable future, and to encourage visits to the Holy Land to meet local Christians.

We provide financial support to parishes, schools and families within the Christian community to enable them to live a fruitful and rewarding life in their homeland.

We have the backing and blessing of Anglican and Catholic Bishops in England & Wales.

FHL is non political.

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 Registered Charity Number 1130054