A candle burning for peace in the Holy Land

Many of our supporters are organised though parish groups in Anglican and Catholic parishes across England, Wales and Scotland.

Groups can be as formal and informal as they wish.

Some groups meet each month for a period of prayer and reflection, sharing updates from the FHL office team in Kenilworth, identifying how best to spread the FHL message in neighbouring parishes, preparing fundraising initiatives and organising future pilgrimages.

Other groups gather a couple of times a year for a Day of Prayer or a fundraising event.

Many groups will encourage sponsorship of named families in the Holy Land or specific projects, either as individual supporters or as a group. Sponsorship can include school or university fees (from £20 per month), Family Support at £100 per month for the most desperate families, to those at St. Martha’s House, the School of Joy or other FHL projects, including house repairs, medical cases or employment opportunities.