FHL Projects

FHL Projects in the Holy Land

Many international agencies are active in the Holy Land, supporting major projects. FHL concentrates instead on smaller, sustainable projects that quickly make a big difference to local Christian families, especially the most vulnerable. Our projects fall into four main categories: Education, Employment, Health and Housing.

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St. Martha’s House

The first Day Care Centre for elderly ladies in Bethlehem, supported by FHL since it opened. Read more

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School of Joy

An inspirational environment for over 50 ‘Slow Learners’ in Beit Sahour. Read more

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Beit Sahour Housing Project

Providing the opportunity for 10 Christian families to own their own homes and secure a future in the country. Read more

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Family Support

Helping the ‘Poorest of the Poor’ to survive from day to day. A little goes a long way when you have so little. Read more

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St. Luke’s Hospital Nablus

A very well run institution where FHL fund Christian patients who cannot afford the costs to benefit from the hospital’s expertise. Read more

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School and University Fees

Children and students in the West Bank are supported by FHL to provide them with the best education in the region to increase their employment opportunities...Read more

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House Renovations

Damp-proofing, decorating and repairs can have a profound effect on someone’s quality of life, particularly when housebound. Read more

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Water Tanks

Capturing the rain water more effectively saves money and increases the supply of drinking water, surely the right of everyone? Read more

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From regular medications to major operations, FHL have stepped in, sometimes as the last resort, to help a poor family. Read more