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Ely Diocese Water Project

Stephen Conway, Bishop of Ely

Stephen Conway, Bishop of Ely

Bishop Stephen Conway writes: ‘I support a Pentecost appeal for Friends of the Holy Land to support Christians in the West Bank by helping to provide them with safe, clean drinking water.

Water is in very short supply for many living in the West Bank and Gaza. Families will often go for days without any significant supply and have to purchase water from tankers that is very expensive. Restrictions and failure of supply mean it is very difficult for them to run a business or maintain health and wellbeing.  The situation is worsening and there is an urgent need to supplement pumped water with clean, collected rainwater.

Friends of the Holy Land (FHL) are looking to develop a significant project to install a number of cisterns in local Christian houses in parts of the West Bank, in conjunction with a local specialist partner.  The cistern, costing on average around £1850, is more effective than a roof tank. It is sunk into the ground, holds more water and can capture both rain water (which can be very scarce for much of the year) and water from the water system.

Here is an opportunity to provide a crucial and life-transforming resource for our brothers and sisters in the West Bank and to show them our concern and love.  I very much hope and pray that the whole diocese will get behind this project and give generously.

Further information about Friends of the Holy Land can be obtained by contacting Rev Alan Partridge (Sawston)

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